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About us

TAILOR is a company with traditions, which operates in the clothing industry for many years. The company is offering a wide range of services. Our services are at a high level of quality, which guarantees us a solid and demanding customers with whom we work for many years.


Tailor Sp. z o.o. is functioning for more than 60 years as a production company providing services to other businesses in the construction and sewing of garments from their own materials and from our own materials too with all logistical support. Our headquarter is located in Dzierżoniów, much of the production goes for export.

Tailor Company is a limited liability company, acting on the basis of an entry in the National Court Register Number 0000051704. Currently we employ over 200 people. Our owner is the YOTA Sp. z o.o. Company from Katowice Poland.

Tradition of the company date back to 1946, when the Tailoring Cooperative was created. In 1974, co-operative has been taken over by the Company of the Textile Industry „BOBO” in Piława Górna. The headquarter of the „BOBO” Company Section by the year 1986 was located in the center of Dzierżoniów and later moved to the new building on Brzegowa 105A Street. In 1990 the crew from the „BOBO” Company Department has presented proposal to ZPO BOBO for the splitting of company, and so on 1 October 1990 „Tailor” Company was created.

On 12 June 1997 was signed agreement between the representative of the Treasury, governor of Wałbrzych district and the owners of the „Impel” Company. And then „Tailor-Impel” Company was created.

On 21 April 2005 returned to the old name Tailor Sp. z o.o.

Our Licences

Tailor signed the licence agreements with leading producers of new generation fabrics, i.e. W. L. GORE & ASSOCIATES GmbH and MALDEN MILLS. These contracts give our firm an access to high quality fabrics: GORE-TEX® and POLARTEC®. Moreover we are specializing in sewing of clothes from materials of high parameters such as: Windstopper®, Bretex® and technical cloths: Keprotec®, Codura®, Kevlar®, Nomex®. Application of the above cloths, modern machinery and employment of skilled staff allows to deliver to customer high quality product fitted to his needs.

This license allows access to the world's highest technology in the production of garments from the specialized waterproofing „breathable” Gore-Tex fabric. At the same time Tailor Firm made modernization to Cutting Department, boiler-room and Preparation of Production Office.

GORE - TEX Certificate

GORE - TEX Certificate

GORE - TEX Certificate

On the basis of possessed licenses, long-time experience and skills in the glued clothing production from GORE-TEX fabrics, our company has made sport outfit for the Polish Olympic Team at the Winter Olympic in Turin in 2006.

Our Contractors

The offer is designed for companies set for the needs of high-quality construction services, technologies and logistics, which is making of specialized garment is the final result. Building on our long experience and the technical and technological variety of performed production, we want to provide our customers with functional and matched to their needs services. We also guarantee their timeliness and high quality. A confirmation of the level provided by Tailor services is constant and long-term cooperation with reputable clothing companies in Poland and Western Europe.

Ministry of National Defense
- protective and warming clothing for uniform services. Products supplied to the market of public procurements, made from highly specialized fabrics that provide durability, practicality, working comfort and aesthetic appearance, closely adapted to the requirements and needs of the buyer.

Brand ZIEGLER Textil, Germany
- technically advanced sportswear, water-repellent and fleece, made from high quality fabrics with membrane (GORE – TEX), knitted fabrics (POLARTEC), breathable and waterproof, ie: vests, windcheaters, trousers, capes, classical jeans clothing, workwear and products intended for horse-riding, hunting and foresters;
WEBSITE: http://www.ziegler-textil.de

Brand CINQUE, Germany
- reputable garment based on the latest clothing designs, styles and the choice of fabrics and accessories based on the trendy, seasonal trends: jackets, windcheaters, coats and trousers;
WEBSITE: http://www.cinque.de

Brand ALEXANDRA, England
- garment produced for the benefit of the service sector: a travel agency, airport service, private schools, from classic-coated fabrics and fit the image of contracting institutions: coats, jackets, vests, sweatshirts, back-lining;
WEBSITE: http://www.alexandra.co.uk

Brand CAMPUS, Poland
- sports clothing, made from high quality knitted fabrics POLARTEC and based on an attractive and functional designs: blouses, trousers, windcheaters;
WEBSITE: http://www.campus.com.pl

Brand MUSTO, England
- nautical products, technically involved, requiring access to modern technology (license GORE-TEX and GORE-TEX OCEAN GOLD), that is: jackets, trousers and overalls - products of a general-purpose sports, made on the basis of glued fabric and knitted polar fabrics , characterized by functional design, such as windcheaters, vests, blouses, trousers, hats and scarves – products from the collection of articles intended for hunters, consisting of: jackets, vests and caps;
WEBSITE: http://www.musto.com

Brand ALMATEX, Switzerland
- products supplied to the market of public procurement: a post office, railways, fire brigades, and customs, clothing type like jackets and trousers, involved in technology based on the specific type of fabric NOMEX, providing the final user functionality and comfort;

Brand SLIMMA, England
- classic clothing for women with cotton-polyester fabric, with a distinctive design for the English market: trousers, skirts, dresses, jackets;
WEBSITE: http://www.slimma.com

Brand ATOMIC, Poland
- technically advanced clothing, which affects the improvement of comfort during active sports. Clothes used in the cultivation of winter sports allows our customers to achieve the highest level;
WEBSITE: http://www.atomic.pl

Brand ALPINUS, Poland
- specialized clothing that provides maximum comfort, durability and practicality produced for young and active tourists who travel and ski trails and mountain peaks both in Poland and abroad.
WEBSITE: http://www.alpinus.com.pl